Color Your Home

Coloring Your Home

Home meet color. If you’ve always wanted to add color but felt you weren’t brave enough to do it, take heart! Today is your day.

Wardrobe Influences Wall Color Choices

There are a few things to consider before you begin. First, let’s consider what you wear.  When you go shopping, what colors do you tend to go for? Not sure? Then take a little walk to your closet and look at the overall colors you have in there.  Most of us tend to lean towards two or three colors we feel comfortable wearing.  When I walk to my closet all I see is black, white, and gray.  Not very exciting if you ask me, and I don’t know about you but I don’t think I’ll be painting black or white in too many of my rooms!

Grey, yes! This is a good base color especially for those of you who are afraid to take the color plunge.  I didn’t think I had any color to pick from until I noticed my scarves!  I had much more options as I took in the many bold choices I had made. 

Accessories Can Make a Difference

Maybe your closet doesn’t have a lot of colors, so if you’re like me look at accessories.  Jewelry, scarves, socks (even though they don’t show they still count).  You may have a secret passion for red you didn’t even realize.  With our accessories, the color sample is so small that we may not notice what colors we tend to pick.

Introducing Color Doesn’t Always Involve Paint

Maybe when you begin to consider a wall color start out neutral such as a light tan or gray – tan is a warmer color, and gray is cooler.  It’s a good jumping off point.  Maybe “safely” adding color for you might come in the form of adding accessories with colors, such as; pillows, throws, rugs, and artwork on your wall.  As you look around, pull other colors that you’ve picked.  They may be in your rugs or blankets, or possibly that painting you picked up some time ago. 

The Rule of “3” Works For Color

Pick three colors that run through your choice of accessories.  The reason you picked these items is because of the color.  As we walk through the department stores, color catches our eye first.  If you like a certain color you may continue to find other items with the same color although sometimes the shade or the hue of the color could be different.  Pick three colors and use them throughout your house.

Getting The Best Use of Your Color Choices

If you have gray paint in the living room but find that yellow and blue are significant choices you may paint the bathroom yellow and decorate with blue and gray towels and rugs. The hallway could be painted blue with splashes of yellow and gray in your rug or pictures on the wall. The nice thing about decorating this way is that this allows you to move accessories from one room to another to keep your interest piqued.  It allows your accessories to make a different statement in each of your rooms.  This is where you can make your dollar stretch! 

I remember how I use to clean my kids rooms and box up the plethora of toys that were hiding under beds and in closets.  I would store them in the garage and then on occasion I would bring the toys out and watch as my kids would begin to play with their old toys as if they were new.  The same school of thought exists for using your three rule color scheme plan!

If you’re not sure what goes together, take a little trip to your home improvement center and pick up their paint chip cards.  They’ll pair colors together that work well together taking the guess work out of it.

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